‘… it feels like someone cares.’ – Michael, Central Coast LHD

Support to drink less

There are plenty of reasons to drink less:

  • to lose weight
  • improve your mood
  • improve your relationships
  • have more energy 
  • lead a healthy and active life. 

Whatever your goals are, you can access free support to get you there.

Get what you want out of life

When you join the Get Healthy Service you will get support from a FREE personal health coach who will: 

  • support you over the phone, without judgement
  • make a plan and set achievable goals (starting with small steps)
  • share practical tools to change your habits and overcome barriers that stand in your way

It means you have someone on your side to help you change your drinking habits, without judgement.

Easy and free 

Our friendly health coaches can speak to you over the phone, from the comfort of your own home. During the day, after work or after dinner, you can book in for a call at a time that suits you. We are open from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday.

You can choose a male or female coach to suit your needs. Interpreters are available and the Aboriginal Liaison Officer can provide additional support if needed.

You will be offered 4 coaching calls, but you can re-enrol if you’d like to have ongoing support or if you would like to achieve other health goals, such as increasing regular activity or healthy eating.

You can join using our simple online form or you can call on 1300 806 258.


Your calls with your health coach are entirely confidential. They are here to support you, without judgement.

Someone to keep you on track

‘It kept me accountable, so I tried harder.’

– Robyn, who joined the Get Healthy service to drink less.

Past participants have told us how motivating they found it to know their health coach was going to call. It pushed them to take action so they could show their progress.

Our friendly health coaches are trained to help you make lifestyle changes. They will share effective tools with you that have successfully helped people change their habits. This includes advice on setting achievable goals, help to track the steps you take to towards those goals and advice on how to overcome barriers as they come up.

Your health coach will celebrate your successes with you and help you get past the things that stand in your way.

What to expect from the first call

The Get Healthy Service will call you within one week of registering and book regular coaching calls at a time that works for you.

On your first call, we will explain how the service works and talk about what you might like to get out of it.

We will ask you a few questions so that we can tailor the service to you.

How to sign up

You can sign up using one easy online form.

Or you can call on 1300 806 258.

  • parminder-small.png


    • 33 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "It was very hard to start but once you do it's too easy and now it's become part of my everyday life."

  • roger-small.png


    • 56 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "It was very good having that person, it gave you some motivation and justification because if I hadn't done the right thing I was honest and told her, she didn't judge."

  • ian-small.png


    • 58 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "I have gone from being an overweight guy who didn't exercise, to now where I consider myself very fit, very healthy. This has turned my life around!"

  • laurel-small.png


    • 50 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "One thing my health coach taught me was about calories, I am now very mindful of calories as well as 5 servings of fruit and vegetables... it's been a great learning experience."

  • elizabeth-small.png


    • 63 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "My husband eats a lot better, not a lot of junk, but if he indulges I can say no and not let it worry me which makes me feel better in myself."

  • wendy-small.png


    • 41 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    ""We do a lot more as a family now, especially with the kids... I am not embarrassed to get into a swimming costume, I feel more comfortable""

  • joe-etched2.png


    • 60 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    ""Being able to make positive life changes, and being able to do that in front of friends and family has been important""

  • rebecca-etched2.png


    • 40 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Participant

    ""I get excited every couple of weeks when my health coach calls. I really like the way my coach talks and shows she cares. She helps me make realistic goals."

  • Maria small


    • 49 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "“I would highly recommend this Service for anyone who would like to become healthy or even just gain a better understanding about their food and exercise habits.”"

  • christine small


    • 29 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "I am now the healthiest I have ever been. These lifestyle changes are part of my life now"

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