To be eligible for the Service, the participant must be:

  • Over the age of 16 years and
  • Be a resident of New South Wales, South Australia, or Queensland.

Whilst the free Service is available to anyone aged 16 years and above, priority groups for the Service are those who are at greater risk of developing chronic disease including; 

  • Not meeting healthy eating guidelines
  • Inadequate physical activity
  • Being overweight

In the following video, Dr Bauer explains who he refers to the Service


To ensure that the participant is suitable for the ongoing coaching component of the Service, a number of screening and assessment questions are asked. This health screening assessment asks about:

  • Any recent hospitalisations,
  • Chronic conditions,
  • Illnesses relating to the heart, lungs or brain,
  • Physical conditions, including pregnancy,
  • Mental health considerations and
  • Special dietary considerations.

 If these questions highlight any potential risks, the participant is referred to their General Practitioner to obtain medical clearance prior to taking part in the program.