"Excellent support throughout my pregnancy and was happy to hear that I'l be able to have continued support postpartum" - Uma

Is Get Healthy in Pregnancy for me?

Get Healthy in Pregnancy is a free health coaching service for all pregnant women in NSW aged 16 years and over. 

Our health coaches will support you during and after your pregnancy to be the healthiest version of you, for you and your baby.

Your health coach could help you to

What’s included?

  • Your own personal health coach to support you throughout your pregnancy and in the early postnatal months
  • Your health coach will guide, motivate and support you to set your own healthy lifestyle goals during your pregnancy and after your baby is born – think of them as your health best friend, always there to give you some motivation!
  • 10 confidential health coaching calls at times that suit you 
  • Free information package including a journal booklet to help you track your goals and actions (via mail or email – you decide).
  • Need more support after you have completed your coaching? That’s great, you can re-enrol for free and keep working with a health coach

How much does it cost?

The Get Healthy in Pregnancy program is free. 

How do I get started?

Starting your Get Healthy journey is easy.

Call 1300 806 258 or register online and chat to a health coach today!

We’re open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

Can I do health coaching help while planning a pregnancy?

Yes, the Get Healthy Service can help anyone be the best version of themselves, and there are lot’s of reasons why it’s good to get ready for first or next pregnancy!

Research shows being a healthy weight and abstaining from alcohol prior to getting pregnant has many benefits:

  • Better chances of falling pregnant
  • Less chances of miscarriage
  • Less likely to get gestational diabetes or high blood pressure in pregnancy
  • More choices where and how you want to give birth
  • Better health for baby and you!

Can I do health coaching after I have baby?

After baby is born we sometimes feel like our body is not the same. This is normal. Our health coaches would love to help you.

It is especially important if you have had Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia or other blood pressure issues. Making sure you keep on your get healthy journey and sustain your healthy behaviours after pregnancy can:

  • Help prevent Type 2 diabetes in the future
  • Help prevent heart disease
  • Help prevent high blood pressure
  • Get back to a healthy weight before trying for another baby

Breastfeeding is one great way to get yourself and your baby healthy start 

  • Gives baby everything they need nutritionally and for good lifelong health
  • Can help with your return to a healthy pre-pregnancy weight
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer

For more benefits of breastfeeding talk to your child and family health nurse, lactation consultant or go to the Australian Breastfeeding Association 

For GPs

In the following video, Justine Salisbury RN and Dr Sharron Phillipson explains how Get Healthy in Pregnancy complements GP care and how to refer patients to the service.

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COVID-19 update: NSW Get Healthy Service is open Monday to Friday, 8am until 8pm.