"Very helpful and supportive in helping me understand nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and postpartum.” – Reecha, Murrumbidgee NSW

Get Healthy in Pregnancy is a free NSW Government service for all pregnant women in NSW. Professional phone-based health coaches support you to develop motivation and tools to help you stay healthy during your journey from pregnancy, to birth and beyond.

Benefits of health coaching during pregnancy

Looking after your health and wellbeing during pregnancy can help you give your baby the best start to life. Plus, Get Healthy continues after your pregnancy to help you stay on track with your goals.

Your personal health coach can support you to:

  • set and achieve your goals

  • eat well and keep active

  • stay within a healthy weight range during pregnancy

  • help keep you accountable and motivate you to stay on track

  • support you after your birth to return to a healthy weight.

How the program works

  1. Register for free online or call 1300 806 258
  2. Receive your free health journal and program pack
  3. Set goals for your pregnancy with guidance from your health coach
  4. Schedule and receive coaching calls at your preferred time
  5. Support to stay on track when you complete the course

Watch below to see how Get Healthy in Pregnancy helped Zillah.

Trusted and free (no hidden costs)

We’re a NSW Government program, so you can trust you’re getting professional advice that is backed by evidence. It’s delivered by qualified health coaches at no cost to you, and everything you discuss with your coach is completely confidential.

Fits in with your busy schedule

  • You can choose the number of coaching calls you want and schedule them at a time that works best for you.
  • Usually, health coaches will work with you for up to 6 months, or until you reach your goals. 
  • Get Healthy is also for you if you are trying to get pregnant or have just given birth. Other programs are also available depending on your life stage and needs. 

Learn more in the video below.

Get healthy in pregnancy for your physical and mental wellbeing

Some benefits of eating well and being active during pregnancy can include:

  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • less lower back pain
  • improved digestion
  • feeling less stressed and anxious
  • a more active labour.

Staying within a healthy weight range and not drinking alcohol can also mean:

  • you’re less likely to get gestational diabetes
  • you’re less likely to have high blood pressure in pregnancy
  • you have reduced chances of miscarriage
  • you have improved chances of falling pregnant.

Screen shot of the pregnancy weight gain calculator

Visit the pregnancy weight gain calculator to learn more about healthy weight gain.

Health coaching – makes healthy choices easier

"My coach has definitely motivated me to set and keep working on my health goals over my pregnancy. Her calls have helped me keep my goals front of mind and kept me accountable." - Emily, 36 years, Central Coast

Pregnancy comes with a lot of decision making, because you want to know you’re making good choices for you and your baby.

Whether you want to find safe ways to be active, or work towards a healthy weight gain range during your pregnancy – your health coach is here to guide you based on your personal goals.

Learn more about health coaching in the video below.

Register for Get Healthy in Pregnancy online
or call 1300 806 258 to learn more.

More information about staying active and healthy during pregnancy

For some general information to support a healthy pregnancy, visit healthy in pregnancy.


  • parminder-small.png


    • 33 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "It was very hard to start but once you do it's too easy and now it's become part of my everyday life."

  • roger-small.png


    • 56 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "It was very good having that person, it gave you some motivation and justification because if I hadn't done the right thing I was honest and told her, she didn't judge."

  • ian-small.png


    • 58 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "I have gone from being an overweight guy who didn't exercise, to now where I consider myself very fit, very healthy. This has turned my life around!"

  • laurel-small.png


    • 50 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "One thing my health coach taught me was about calories, I am now very mindful of calories as well as 5 servings of fruit and vegetables... it's been a great learning experience."

  • elizabeth-small.png


    • 63 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "My husband eats a lot better, not a lot of junk, but if he indulges I can say no and not let it worry me which makes me feel better in myself."

  • wendy-small.png


    • 41 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    ""We do a lot more as a family now, especially with the kids... I am not embarrassed to get into a swimming costume, I feel more comfortable""

  • joe-etched2.png


    • 60 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    ""Being able to make positive life changes, and being able to do that in front of friends and family has been important""

  • rebecca-etched2.png


    • 40 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Participant

    ""I get excited every couple of weeks when my health coach calls. I really like the way my coach talks and shows she cares. She helps me make realistic goals."

  • Maria small


    • 49 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "“I would highly recommend this Service for anyone who would like to become healthy or even just gain a better understanding about their food and exercise habits.”"

  • christine small


    • 29 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "I am now the healthiest I have ever been. These lifestyle changes are part of my life now"

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