1. Getting Started

Getting started is as simple as registering your details on the Get Started page of the Get Healthy website, or if you'd prefer, you can call and speak directly to a Get Healthy representative on 1300 806 258.

If you register online, your expert health coach will call you to get you started on your Get Healthy journey.

The Get Healthy Service is FREE for NSW residents aged 16 years and older.

2. Your First Call

During your first call your health coach will talk to you about how Get Healthy works and what changes you want to make to be healthier.

Your health coach will use this call to ask you about your health. This will include questions about the food you usually eat and how much exercise you do.

It will help your health coach if you know how much you weigh and your waist measurement. Your Coach will record these measurements to help keep track of changes.

Measure Up
Measure Up

Measure Up

Not only is waist circumference one of the easiest ways to measure if you are at risk of chronic disease, but the measurement is also relevant no matter what your height or build.

How to measure your waist circumference


Measure directly against your skin.


Breathe out normally


Make sure the tape is snug, without compressing the skin.


Measure halfway between your lowest rib and the top of your hip bone, roughly in line with your belly button.

3. Set Your Goals

At the start of the program you and your health coach will set health goals that are important to you.

To set you up, you and your health coach will talk about how you can achieve your goals. You'll also make a plan to stay in touch while you work on them.

During the program your coach will give you ideas to help you stay on track.

What's Your Goal?
What's Your Goal?

What's Your Goal?

The first step to a healthier you is to create a specific health goal that is important to you.

Your Get Healthy Coach will help you to set and achieve your goals. Getting the support of family, friends, and colleagues will also help.

Your goal may look something like this

Lose 5 kilograms.

Walk for 45min, 4 times a week.

Eat less takeaway foods.

Lose 7cm off waist circumference.

4. Halfway There

Well done! You're halfway there. By this stage in the program, you will be experiencing some exciting results and should feel like you are on track to achieve your goals.

Halfway through the program your health coach will ask you some of the questions from your first talk. You'll talk about what you eat, how active you are, and check your weight and waist measurement again.

These questions will help your health coach track your progress towards reaching your goal. At this point your coach may offer new things you can do to help you along.

Keep Motivated
Maintaining Motivation

Maintaining Motivation

Celebrating your successes can help keep
you energised and motivated.

This will keep you on track towards your goal.

The more you move toward your goal, the more motivated you will feel.

5. Staying On Track

You're now in last stage of the program. You're almost there, you can do it!

At this stage you and your health coach will talk about overcoming any roadblocks to achieving your goals.

Stay Strong
Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions

No matter how determined we are to make positive changes, it is normal for us to go around the cycle a few times before a behaviour is permanently changed.

How your health coach can help you
1 Your health coach will help you learn from setbacks and strengthen your determination to achieve your health goals.
2 Everyone has setbacks from time to time. It doesn't mean you have failed, and it isn't a permanent barrier to achieving your goals.

6. Celebrate Success

Congratulations you have completed your coaching journey with the Get Healthy Service!

We hope you're feeling healthy, happy and full of energy. Your health coach will collect your weight and other health measures for the last time.

Another Round?
Another Round

Another Round

If you didn't quite reach your goal or if you would like the support of a health coach to achieve a new goal you can enrol in the Get Healthy Service again for free.