GPs and other Health Professionals can target those in the community who need the Get Healthy Service the most, both in terms of a client's socio-demographic profile as well as their risk factor profile.




What happens after I refer a patient?

During the initial call, health coaches ask a number of screening and assessment questions about;

  • Any recent hospitalisations,
  • Chronic conditions,
  • Illnesses relating to the heart, lungs or brain,
  • Physical conditions, including pregnancy,
  • Mental health considerations and
  • Special dietary considerations.

If participants are self referred and these questions highlight any potential risks, the participant is referred to their GP to obtain medical clearance prior to taking part in the program. In this instance, the GP may be asked to determine whether their patient is:

  • Suitable for the Service.
  • Suitable for the Service with some considerations.
  • Not suitable for the Service.

Where patients are referred by their GP, the safety assessment becomes part of the referral.


Feedback Letters

With the participant’s consent, the Service will provide you with participant updates at baseline, mid-point and when a participant graduates