Information for general practitioners and health professionals

As a GP, specialist or other health professional, you play a vital role in helping people get well and manage their own health. Encouraging your patients to build healthy habits can support their wellbeing and help lower their disease risk.

To assist you with this, our Get Healthy Service offers free coaching and online support to help people reach their health goals. Programs are tailored to each person’s needs and designed to fit in with their life.

Referring people to the Get Healthy Service is a great way to complement your patient care. Participants who complete the program (participant data from financial year 2021-2022): 

  • lose an average of 1.79 kg, reduce their waist circumference by 1.64cms cm and reduce their BMI by 0.64kg/m2
  • eat more fruit and vegetables each day 
  • eat fewer take away meals each week 
  • drink fewer sweetened drinks (such as soft drinks, cordials and fruit juices) each day 
  • get more physically active

Health professionals are ideally placed to refer people who could benefit most from taking part in the Get Healthy Service. Importantly, participants referred by a health professional are more likely to complete the program than those who refer themselves.  

People who register for Get Healthy receive: 

  • access to their own university qualified health coach   
  • motivation and support to set their own health goals 
  • 6 or more regular confidential coaching calls at a time that suits them 
  • support to help them track goals and actions  
  • support to overcome barriers to reaching their goals  
  • the option to book coaching sessions online 

The amount of time it takes to complete the program will vary. When patients graduate, they can re-enrol for more coaching.