41 Years Old | Get Healthy participant

“We do a lot more as a family now, especially with the kids…I am not embarrassed to get into a swimming costume, I feel more comfortable.”

Struggling to lose weight after the birth of her first two children but still determined, Wendy approached her doctor for help. 

“My portion sizes were really out of control and because I was not exercising, I had no energy. I had been prescribed with anti-depressants and hated my job which didn’t help, so it wasn’t long before the weight started to pile on.” 

After her second child Benjamin was born with Autism she knew she would need to lose weight once and for all, as keeping up with him alone required a lot of energy. Wendy knew she needed to be educated on nutrition and exercise and change her approach to eating, so she joined the Get Healthy Service  to find the answers.

As Wendy embraced a healthier lifestyle she lost 36kg and went from being a size 16 to a size 8, maintaining her new weight even after her 3rd child was born. She felt it was important to transfer the lessons she had learnt on to her children so they would be able to make the right choices as they grew up, something Wendy had not been taught as a child.

Thanks to her coach, Wendy no longer looks at the scales but rather the way her clothes fit and how her body looks. She exercises every day and can finally keep up with her kids dancing, playing music and chasing them around the house.

Through support from her health coach, husband and friends Wendy now leads a very active lifestyle and has inspired those around her to follow in her footsteps.