40 Years Old | Get Healthy participant

"I get excited every couple of weeks when my health coach calls."

With an addiction to soft drinks and on the brink of developing diabetes, Rebecca knew it was time to make a change.

After hearing about the Get Healthy Service through her Aboriginal Medical Service, Rebecca decided to give it a try. 

"I used to drink two litres of soft drink per day and have done so for 21 years. I have transitioned to sugar free fizzy drinks and water – I've been having water as my choice of drink and not having any more 'black drinks'."

Rebecca is currently enrolled in the Get Healthy Service program and has already noticed changes to the way she feels and looks, dropping a dress size and receiving compliments from people who have noticed her weight loss. 

"I have a sense of achievement and also a sense of hope that I can actually do this."

Despite the challenges of making lifestyle changes, Rebecca says her Get Healthy coach has been a huge help.

"I am so grateful that my coach has crossed my path in my life. It's getting easier and better all the time. I get excited every couple of weeks when my health coach calls. I really like the way my coach talks and shows she cares. She helps me make realistic goals."