29 Years Old | Get Healthy participant

“I am now the healthiest I have ever been. These lifestyle changes are part of my life now”

Christine found out she had developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and was determined to make lifestyle changes to improve her own health and the health of her unborn baby.

Christine was referred into GHiP by her midwife at a routine antenatal appointment. Within a few days she received a phone call from her university qualified health coach Benjamine, who remained Christine’s coach from start to finish. “To have the same person ring you is fantastic and wonderful as you build that relationship of trust” said Christine.

Benjamine took the time to understand Christine’s personal health goals. Together they developed strategies to overcome the barriers Christine faced in adopting healthy lifestyle behaviours and celebrated her successes.

Benjamine provided information and advice about healthy behaviours including nutrition and physical activity that worked for Christine’s busy lifestyle. “I always felt important and valued. The personal approach of ‘how things are going with food and exercise’ was always encouraging and non-judgemental” said Christine.

Christine knew about the risks associated with gestational diabetes, and the long term implications this could have on her unborn baby. One of Christine’s main goals was not to go on insulin, a medication to manage her diabetes. With the help and support of her health coach, Christine remained insulin free for the duration of her pregnancy; “that’s due to the help of Get Healthy” said Christine.

“My co-workers want to know what am I doing as I look so well. In fact I am now the healthiest I have ever been. These lifestyle changes are part of my life now and I highly recommend the program to pregnant women, family, and friends” said Christine.